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Career Opportunities

If interested please email a coverletter and resume to

Mental Health Therapist

Dandelion Counseling & Wellness is a developing counseling practice in Columbus, Ohio. We are committed to providing compassionate and quality clinical services to a diverse population.   We are seeking passionate mental health clinicians who will co-create a community of practice at Dandelion Counseling & Wellness.

Our Vision:

We seek to co-create a community of practice dedicated to compassionate and excellent mental health treatment.  We seek to provide a supportive, enriching, and growth-oriented culture for our clinicians.  We are excited to create a space that values individuality and authenticity. We value the richness of experience created by building bridges across differences (clinically, identity, lived experience, etc). We are committed to clinical practice that honors our clients’ autonomy and perspectives.

Job Requirements:
  • Clinician must be licensed in the State of Ohio with either a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC), or Licensed Independent Social Worker (LISW)

  • Competency in individual mental health counseling or psychotherapy

  • Clinical and diagnostic skills that are commensurate with professional development

  • Strong written, verbal, and interpersonal skills

  • Able to work independently and collaboratively

  • Able to operate within an electronic record management system (Simple Practice), and demonstrate technology literacy and competence (Google Workspace)

Direct Service Responsibilities
  • Diagnose and treat mental health disorders as defined by the DSM

  • Provide clinical services in person and through telehealth.  We are not offering full-time remote work

  • Assess for scope and appropriate levels of care

  • Complete biopsychosocial DSM-V diagnostic assessment and treatment planning

  • Engage in licensure-appropriate training supervision sessions, supervision documentation, and dedication to development and growth

  • Adhere to professional codes of ethics, confidentiality law, and confidentiality policies

Administrative Responsibilities
  • Complete all clinical documentation in adherence with best practice policy guidelines

  • Maintain personal clinician calendar including client scheduling

  • Communicate in a timely fashion with prospective and current clients

  • Review and collect payment for services as needed

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